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Download Day - English

Soon is the release of FIREFOX 3 and its majestic release upon the world. Most people have at least heard of Firefox and allot of people use it, but there comes a time when software needs to be updated and people, "if offered" will usually allow software to update, and if a certain software is not updated and is surpassed by better more useful software then the user will usually move on to another brand. Thankfully, the great people at MOZILLA work hard and enjoy creating a great product. So, with that they will be releasing, to the world Firfox 3, but this is not a usual software release, no.

Download Day

With this iteration of Firefox, comes a great deal more. Yea you get better, smoother, and new features. Yea you get the most up to date browser. Yea you get more security. All of what you would expect and more from a software release. In this great new release, you get to have the chance to participate in something great, something awesome, and something good. You get to be a part of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. If you don't know what that is you must have been living in a hole. Either way, this is a great opportunity for everyone in the world to help make history, and forever be a part of something great. The best part of all is, all you have to do is click. There is no running, swimming, balancing, jumping, thinking, or almost anything except timing.

I have pledged my download already, and what that means is that when Firefox 3 is released, I will in effect go and download it. Thats all, nothing more nothing less and I get to be a part of the Guinness World Record for "The most downloads of a software product in 24 hours." So now, I am asking you to do the same as me and download Firefox 3 on its release date. You can even give a PLEDGE and you will be sent an e-mail when Firefox is released so that you do not forget. If you also want to spread the word on Firefox 3 and help this cause then you are welcome to use the same banner located at the bottom by using the code provided HERE.

Download Day

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Firefox 3 is awesome, tons faster, etc and you should go download it on release day. (Been using the release candidates for a month and a half now)

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