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New Batman Trailer. Man does this trailer look awesome, and it strategically makes me want to go to the theaters. Alas I will have to wait until July! The 10 Rules of The Anti-Video Games Lobby. See the breakdown of the lies and deciet that these people put into the ears of the general population. This is the guideline markup for any newcomer's to anti-video game lobbing. A Guide To Cats. If you like cats like I do then you are sure to love this video. It shows how human-like cats truly are. Draw Yourself As A Teen. In this link you will find a great plethora of art renditions of people when they were teenagers. I find this very amusing, and there is some really great art in there. Plus you can submit one yourself. The Top 50 Commercial Parodies! This is just a list of parodies of commercials done by celebs, SNL stars, and much more. Some interesting stuff here.

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