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Personal Thoughts
In my absence I have been working on the clan site, so it is excusable that I am not posting as rabidly as usual. Either way I would like to get you up to date with what I am doing. Being busy with school, trying to get a job, helping where I can, and finding enjoyment for myself are very time consuming activities that require much attention. I have gotten lost in participating in all of my prior activities, and I wish I could also practice tricking with Roland, but that is a non option at the moment. Plus I have many things I need to do, like "get my license," as of now that is a problem and I haven't taken care of that, but I would much rather have a car of my own to practice with before going to get it. Anyway I will keep up with you guys here on the site as I progress. I also turned in my application at Texas Road House so if I get that job I will be one down on my list of to-do's. Once I get some paychecks I plan on taking care of the car/license deal so that I can get away from my need of a ride. Then its all pay off my school get a place to live, and do my thing.
Here is the new gameplay trailer for gears of War 2. It is awesome, and shows many new elements that are being introduced within the new game. I would describe them, but its better to just watch the trailer and take it all in as you should. Also notice how many characters are on the screen at one time.

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