Wow, Devin was right!


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I found out how useful CSS is today, and now I am going to start learning and integrating it more so into this blog. My computer indulged friend "Devin" told me I should use CSS, but I didn't really know what he was talking about, but what is funny is that I was already using it allot in the site. The difference is he was talking about using a CSS file to format my stuff, but I was just using it within the already existent HTML files, so I am on track now and am going to be learning a whole bunch. This is just a stepping stone though because I see how very easy CSS is and really enjoy using it now, from what I can. There are some quirks though, for some reason the CSS I have in the CSS file will only apply to IE and will not do so in FireFox. Either way I will fix this, but if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments, or gin the forums. Just some fun before I start learning JavaScript, or something that is useful like Java. Until I talk with you later, STAY SAFE!

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