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Hey everyone I'm coming on here just to tell you a little bit about what is going on with me. This in effect will keep you happy until tomorrow when I have a great article I am writing today. Anyway I have been fiddling in allot lately. I have been hanging out with a good friend by the name of Nathan, and we have been working on some instrumentals for me, although we haven't finished any instrumentals, I have one song almost fully written that I will be releasing on here for free. The date that I do so is still not known because I still need to record it and get it sounding right by my standards. Either way this track I am releasing will be part of an EP I will be putting out. Which will consist of probably 5-7 songs. No dates are set in stone yet its something that I feel I need to do, before I get to old, or run out of spice.

The ask a gamer section will be up and running again soon, I have been kinda frustrated by that section, because I haven't had all that great of questions, but I have decided to keep it and only post my answers as videos. This is because the world is to lazy to read and people are more interested in videos. Hopefully this addition will bring more people and provide something enjoyable for the interwebs.

Anyway this weekend was supposed to be exciting, but turned out to be a great disappointment. Me and my homie CJ were going to go to a party on Friday. The party got canceled on the fact that the hostess of the party got sick? Then on Saterday we were supposed to go to Busch Gardens and have great amounts of fun, that didn't happen. We instead went for a bike ride and played football, and proceeded to do nothing, but all is well and people survive. Because next weekend there is another party, and the one we were supposed to go to should happen then also. Well, you guys have a great evening I am off to get on blogtv, and talk about bullshit with people I dont even know!

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