Sorry About The Downtime



As you can see the website has been down for a few days and I haven't been able to update. This is because the hosting service for the site was upgrading its servers so that they can host with more stability. That is taken care of now, but the site could still go down a few times for a week or so, while they tweak the servers to their optimum performance. Thank you guys for sticking with me, I have some really great news coming in the next week.

First off, I am recording a cd as we speak, and hopefully will be releasing a single off it today. All will be free as I believe music should be. This track is extremely close to me and I hope you guys like it. Also, yesterday me and my homie Chad from back in the day recorded the intro track, and that will also be mastered today, but not released. The cd which I hope to release soon, will have upwards of 6 songs, with guest appearances, HOPEFULLY. I am pretty much going to force Nathan to record a song that we worked on a long time ago, and once he does that I'll have that on the cd too.

So keep checking back, even if the track does not come out today I will post up here again with an article and more information about what will be going down here on the site.

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