Wow, I Got A Lot Of Walls!



If you did not know, I am moving out of my friend Jeremy's house. His parents were kind enough to let me stay there for the time being, but now its time to move on. Now, me and my homie Brad are working on moving into this place is dad owns and all we have to do is fix up the bathroom and move some stuff out, but the real problem is that no one is hiring. I have been searching for a job for a long time now, and no one has called back. I am still keeping my faith up because I know someone will be willing to work with me. I just need a little bit of income so that I may pay rent and whatnot. It is going to be word moving into my own place. I just gotta get all my shit to my grandmothers so that I can work on other stuff until the place is ready for people to live in it. So wish me luck.

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