Tech N9ne Is Awesome, but Florida Is Whack!



So, life here in the FL is tough. Its hard enough that I barely get enough hours to pay for my bills. I also live out in the middle pf nowhere. In Polk City there are only old people, and the people who are my age are either rude and self centered or about as intelligent as a nail in my coffin. Living here is maddening, I am ready to get out.

In the meantime I am going to write up a little story. After failed college parties, and failed movie excursions. What it came too was that the only way I was going to see anything was too go by myself. So, I planned on going to the Tech N9ne show in Orlando. So a few weeks go by and the day before yesterday I am talking about the concert to some people I know, and one girl says she really would like to go. I'm like hell yea, you can go with me, because I don't even really know my way around, it will be fun. She says that after she gets off work that we could go... bla bla. So the next day comes... She don't have money... Her ride don't know... She can call em... I'm like "whatever *****, I'm going anyway, I'll have fun alone."

So, I am kinda erked, but only because I am tired of not being able to chill with anyone. I wasn't even attracted to the girl, and I'm sure she was thinking that I was. That's what she gets for thinking... Ok, I am on my way now, I got to the gas station to get gas, and try to get money back to pay for parking when i get there. The teller says, GTFO we don't do money back. I couldn't use the ATM because I don't know my pin. So, I get back on the road and go to the venue anyway, in hopes that it is only 5 dollars, because that is all the cash I had.

So, I take the wrong exit because it wasn't labeled. I'm rolling through ghetto town, with prosties on the street. What do I do? Stop at 7-Eleven and talk to the local Idian store owner, lol. I get in and the line was filled with people buying lottery after lottery ticket. So I ask one of the gentlemen in line, and to my luck that statement is true, and he helps me with the best directions I could have asked for.

Bamm, I get there... Zing, the parking is at the venue, and is only 5 bucks... Kapow, I get in line and wait... Zoom, I get in the door its not sold out... OMGWTF YOU DON"T ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT, BUT YOUR MACHINE HAS A SCANNER??? Ohhh, use the ATM that I can't use because it is in requirement of my pin, great... So, I try and fail three times to get it to work. The woman at the door acts like a ****, and I leave. I immediately start heckling the people in line to buy me a ticket saying "I'll buy you a T-Shirt inside." NOPE, wrong no help there.

I make my happy little way back to the parking lot where my car was. I see the parking lot attendant there, and I give it one last try. I tell him the WHOLE deal. The credit cards, me only having this one event to have fun, 6 months of sitting around twiddling my thumbs because nobody wants to be my friend, my favorite artist, everything. He feels for me, and radios his boss, who says he will come out and talk too him after he is done getting the line in. At the moment the guy has no idea what he wants. I wait like two hours, chilling in the parking lot of Firestone in Orlando at 10pm. The guy finally comes out, I'm thinking this guy is going to be like "GO HOME"! Instead he says, "COME WITH ME". I give hime my ID, he says "ohh you've already been wrist banded and everything." He takes me right past the women that wouldn't help me and security, "Go have a great time, and buy some drinks your getting in FREE." he says. I almost **** a brick! Hell yea, I'll have fun. Now I got to buy something at the merch booth, I got a fresh *** Tech N9ne bandanna.

Well I missed whoever the first act was, but from what I heard outside they sounded local and whack. I caught the whole of Slaughterhouse and Tech N9ne. Slaughterhouse was good nothing special, but I will be looking them up. All I can say is Tech was awesome, and he rocked so hard he played so many songs. He did this part in the middle of the set where Kalico was beatboxing and he would say a few lyrics of and old song, just to hear the crowd sing along and see where his real fans were. I loved that part so much, along with the fact that when his set ended his DJ came back and scratched some of his songs. Twas a good mix I would say. Tech then came back on stage and rocked for like another 15 mins getting all the girls lifting thier shirts. Woooo AREOLA Woooo AREOLA, girls pull that shirt above ya shouldas, lol. This guy in the upper back balcony was telling them to cut the set off, but finally gave up. They even turned the DJ table off, and Kalico kept it going with his beatboxing. That is true hip hop, no more no less.

I'm out...

Here is the story!



Welcome to another exciting episode of my life! Its been a good bit of time since my last post, aka the release of "Fast Talker". Either way a whole bunch of stuff, aka things that happen, has been going on. As I post this all that is on my mind is how I am going to find a party to be at for Halloween and rock that place. I know all about what is going down in VA, and I know what I am missing so, I will just have to make up for it here in FL.

On to the happenings of my life. First off I have been having a great time at Universal and enjoy the work I do and the interactions I make with the guests that come into the park. I have been doing very well, and have been getting more hours than most because of that. Also I made it into part time which is not all that easy for Halloween team members. That just means I get more hours and more benefits. On the bills side I need more money so, I am working on getting hired at some other places part time to get that extra boost of income. Hopefully that will be a desk job, or sales type work. Cell phone carriers and any IT jobs are what I am looking for ATM.

Second off I am giving up on the girls at work... So frustrating to it is when all seemingly good prospects for having a good time are ruined. Most are taken but don't make that clear, then there are the ones who are single and seem interested, then nothing happens after that, after that are the ones who just date anyone who works at universal because it is convenient. Of coarse the latter of the three don't even get to talk to me, because I want nothing to do with the childish drama high school style relationships they offer. No joke, the people here act like its high school all over again. Jumping from one guy to another, then there are the cafeteria rumors and stories that are told. It is truly something else, but I take no part in all that drama.

There are some chill people though, one guy I met is a DJ/Vegas Magician that guy is cool. I told him I would help out on his website if he wanted. He told me that he was able to do vocal recording which is great, because I am starting work on my next musical feat. I really hope all that works out, I am getting tired of working on my music all by myself. Plus I have been wanting better recordings. I am supposed to meet up with this other guy tonight at a party he told me about, so I am thrilled to get wasted and chill out tonight. He told me I could crash at his place which is 1000 times better because it saves me some gas and I don't have to find a ride home. I was going to say something about all the lame people I deal with, but I actually would rather not even mention them because they aren't worth the breath. They are just what you expect from lame people. Although the people who say they hate Universal are the ones who are there when they are off work. All day with the complaining about their job then they never leave when they get the chance to go home. Maybe they live on site, lol. So funny.

For until I make another post I bid you farewell!

Fast Talker Is Out Now!



I have been working on this for about a year now. The main portion of the recording and writing was done in the last 3 months. The sound of the album is darker and slower than people would think I would do, but I am pleased with the way it has turned out. There are a total of 11 songs on the cd. All production on the first song is mine. I obtained beats from all over for the rest of the album. Shadowville was a main contributor to the style because I like what their producers did with the beats I used from them. Other notes are two of the songs feature beats from producer Ant from Atmosphere, and one beat from open minds entertainment. This will not be my last recording. I plan on getting better equipment and coming out with another record produced by me only. There are many subjects, and styles that are brought across and even a diss song that really is directed toward the record industry as a whole. I plan to update the site to feature my music and make a more permanent download link. Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. Add me on myspace, and also on reverbnation to keep up with me and what I am doing.
Track List

1. Intro To The Real World
2. The Song
3. Got Something To Say
4. Dark Hair and Class
5. Happy Birthday Mamma
6. Skill and Execution
7. Dreamworlds
8. Rock It All Night
9. No One Stands Before Me
10. Its About You
11. Going Crazy(Exclusive Track)

Download Fast Talker(MP3).zip from

Download Fast Talker(MP3).zip from Media Fire

At Last!



The web blog is now back up and running. The servers at zymic were replaced and the site was down for that time. I myself was lazy so there was extra downtime while I had to activate my account on there again. The people at zymic did that because there were many sites on there that people were not maintaining. So I will be back on here continuing to post new info into my life.

We are coming closer to the release of my "FAST TALKER" mixtape. I am putting the final touches and gathering all the files in a zip on a webhost and it will be out as soon as that is ready. Just tonight I finished track ten, which is called "Its About You". That is one fun track for me, and I feel many people will be unable to intemperate the meaning behind it. Ohh and for people who download the zip, or sign up over at Reverbnation to be a fan of mine. They will be getting a small surprise from me, not any money. They will be getting an exclusive track. The name of the track will be "Going Crazy", and it will be fun.

I Have Pictures of My New Car!



Here we go, I got a car on the way. After all the time waiting, and all of the time I have been looking, there is finally a car for me. I have a Silver 1997 Honda Accord LX 4 door automatic, well not yet. I have to wait a small while longer, but that is only because it is in another state. I have much to do, like getting the title switched to Florida, and tagging it plus insurance. OOOO, I can't wait, lol. I just want to listen to some music. It is purchased and will be here late august. Everything works on it, and it runs great. The only thing I have to do to the car is get it painted, and there is a stain. Both of which I don't care, because the paint is tolerable, and the stain I can probably get out myself with a small amount of elbow grease. Front Left Close

Anyway, I will be driving this in august. Not only that, but I also plan to be in school, while also having a job. I can't wait, its going to be a new life for me. Doing what I want, when I want. I'll be able to properly show a girl a good time. If any are interested, I suggest you make reservations now, because I will be all booked up. Top Right

Not to be forgetting, I will be in need of a new phone. The reasons being 1. Mine is two years old. 2. I Have no idea how to get to places(Google Maps). 3. I need better reception. I don't think it will be fun driving when I get lost all the time. Right now I am looking at getting a G1, or hopefully they come out with an updated G1. I particularly do not like the new one that is lacking the qwerty keyboard. For real, I need GPS, and that is the most cost effective way to get it. Another reason is because I can use it for so much more. I can post on here directly from wherever I am, I can't do that with the laptop without paying 200 dollars for a wireless service. Whatever phone I get, you know it will have the most features I can get. Front Left Wide

I think people get frustrated with me because of the way I do things. Waiting till after I was 21 to get my license, waiting for the right car to come, or moving away to find a new school. I feel that at this point in my life I should not be in a rush, I can save that for when I am old and my time is limited. I think I obtain more quality situations by waiting. Like I said, I don't have children, I Haven't gotten married, and that is the way I like it. Take it slow, and use my head when making decisions. I have some great ideas coming for the site, it will include video/pics and will have articles. The only hint I will give you is that, some will say I am weird and some will be happy. I want everyone to know I love you and I'll be seeing you soon.

Its a new day!



It is the beginning of a new month. Only forty minutes in and I am excited in what is to come. I don't fully know what to expect, but change is in store. I feel prosperity not only for myself but for everyone as a whole that surrounds me. All I need and all I want is waiting around the corner for me. I will be visiting Lakeland to see what jobs are out there. I will try the T-Mobile store first because I have their service, and am also in the need of going there for my own plan. I might even visit some people I know, and hopefully they will be there to chat. I also need to check up on the other T-Mobile because I haven't had any word back from the manager there. Hopefully something come of that, because there are some good people I will get to see every day if I was to work there. Thanks for reading this small note, I hope you come back again. Good night

New Faces, New Places



Well, here I am. Where is that you say? Florida is my new residence. I moved for many reasons. I wanted something new, to get away, find a different school, new job, maybe find a girl in the process. I didn't expect to find nothing where I am, but that is what has happened. I am going to keep trying to find a balance while I am here. The most progress I have made is what I have been writing. I also have net a nice girl, one or more reasons are holding me back at the moment from actually trying to spend time with her. Either way she is nice and I hope to at least make a friendship out of it. The one friend I have made is a nutjob, he is wigged out on more than one medication. Actually I wish he would go away, I can not stand that he comes over everyday to hang out with my stepfather and eat our food. The other guy I met is a self centered dick, he is a worthless piece of shit, I don't think I could stand to be around him much.

It is the same story with Steve, he is still a dick, but now its indirectly. He is drunk almost everyday, and still pisses himself. I'm going to throw it in his face though. Because I can be a real dick too, although I choose not to be. He says he is going to leave my mom, but he knows that is not going to happen. He can't survive without her, his work won't pick him up, and he will get caught drunk in public or something. Whatever is all I have to say for him.

All I want right now is to have a job. I have been applying, and sending out my resume to many places. I am really trying to get a job at a T-Mobile center. For me it would be a great job, seeing as I love hardware and selling people things. Plus I will be making more than Steve in an entry level job like that. I just want to put in my part here in Florida until I can get my own place. Working on the car, but I am going to wait for the job so I can get a real car not a rust bucket.

I will be updating this site more often now. I am hoping to be on here at least once a week. I will also have more songs recorded real soon. I will be posting the media player from myspace on here too, so that it can be accessed from this site. I am working on about twenty songs at the moment. Just a small preview, Title:Dark Hair, and Class(Inspired by a girl here in Florida), Title:No One Stands Before Me(Inspired by my mother and her last words if she died), Title:Skill and Execution(Inspired by a dark haired stripper before I left Virginia), Title:Got Something To Say(Just about lyrics, and skill), Title:Upbeat Sound(Happy song, it is being made for sad people), Title:Path To Greatness(This song eludes to my recently found urge to write lyrics). For now that is all I am going to say until I have some actual recordings done.

If anyone has something to say or inform me of, please do so in the comments.