New Faces, New Places



Well, here I am. Where is that you say? Florida is my new residence. I moved for many reasons. I wanted something new, to get away, find a different school, new job, maybe find a girl in the process. I didn't expect to find nothing where I am, but that is what has happened. I am going to keep trying to find a balance while I am here. The most progress I have made is what I have been writing. I also have net a nice girl, one or more reasons are holding me back at the moment from actually trying to spend time with her. Either way she is nice and I hope to at least make a friendship out of it. The one friend I have made is a nutjob, he is wigged out on more than one medication. Actually I wish he would go away, I can not stand that he comes over everyday to hang out with my stepfather and eat our food. The other guy I met is a self centered dick, he is a worthless piece of shit, I don't think I could stand to be around him much.

It is the same story with Steve, he is still a dick, but now its indirectly. He is drunk almost everyday, and still pisses himself. I'm going to throw it in his face though. Because I can be a real dick too, although I choose not to be. He says he is going to leave my mom, but he knows that is not going to happen. He can't survive without her, his work won't pick him up, and he will get caught drunk in public or something. Whatever is all I have to say for him.

All I want right now is to have a job. I have been applying, and sending out my resume to many places. I am really trying to get a job at a T-Mobile center. For me it would be a great job, seeing as I love hardware and selling people things. Plus I will be making more than Steve in an entry level job like that. I just want to put in my part here in Florida until I can get my own place. Working on the car, but I am going to wait for the job so I can get a real car not a rust bucket.

I will be updating this site more often now. I am hoping to be on here at least once a week. I will also have more songs recorded real soon. I will be posting the media player from myspace on here too, so that it can be accessed from this site. I am working on about twenty songs at the moment. Just a small preview, Title:Dark Hair, and Class(Inspired by a girl here in Florida), Title:No One Stands Before Me(Inspired by my mother and her last words if she died), Title:Skill and Execution(Inspired by a dark haired stripper before I left Virginia), Title:Got Something To Say(Just about lyrics, and skill), Title:Upbeat Sound(Happy song, it is being made for sad people), Title:Path To Greatness(This song eludes to my recently found urge to write lyrics). For now that is all I am going to say until I have some actual recordings done.

If anyone has something to say or inform me of, please do so in the comments.