I Have Pictures of My New Car!



Here we go, I got a car on the way. After all the time waiting, and all of the time I have been looking, there is finally a car for me. I have a Silver 1997 Honda Accord LX 4 door automatic, well not yet. I have to wait a small while longer, but that is only because it is in another state. I have much to do, like getting the title switched to Florida, and tagging it plus insurance. OOOO, I can't wait, lol. I just want to listen to some music. It is purchased and will be here late august. Everything works on it, and it runs great. The only thing I have to do to the car is get it painted, and there is a stain. Both of which I don't care, because the paint is tolerable, and the stain I can probably get out myself with a small amount of elbow grease. Front Left Close

Anyway, I will be driving this in august. Not only that, but I also plan to be in school, while also having a job. I can't wait, its going to be a new life for me. Doing what I want, when I want. I'll be able to properly show a girl a good time. If any are interested, I suggest you make reservations now, because I will be all booked up. Top Right

Not to be forgetting, I will be in need of a new phone. The reasons being 1. Mine is two years old. 2. I Have no idea how to get to places(Google Maps). 3. I need better reception. I don't think it will be fun driving when I get lost all the time. Right now I am looking at getting a G1, or hopefully they come out with an updated G1. I particularly do not like the new one that is lacking the qwerty keyboard. For real, I need GPS, and that is the most cost effective way to get it. Another reason is because I can use it for so much more. I can post on here directly from wherever I am, I can't do that with the laptop without paying 200 dollars for a wireless service. Whatever phone I get, you know it will have the most features I can get. Front Left Wide

I think people get frustrated with me because of the way I do things. Waiting till after I was 21 to get my license, waiting for the right car to come, or moving away to find a new school. I feel that at this point in my life I should not be in a rush, I can save that for when I am old and my time is limited. I think I obtain more quality situations by waiting. Like I said, I don't have children, I Haven't gotten married, and that is the way I like it. Take it slow, and use my head when making decisions. I have some great ideas coming for the site, it will include video/pics and will have articles. The only hint I will give you is that, some will say I am weird and some will be happy. I want everyone to know I love you and I'll be seeing you soon.

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Congratulations for getting a new car! Ignore what people say. You found yourself a nice ride.

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