At Last!



The web blog is now back up and running. The servers at zymic were replaced and the site was down for that time. I myself was lazy so there was extra downtime while I had to activate my account on there again. The people at zymic did that because there were many sites on there that people were not maintaining. So I will be back on here continuing to post new info into my life.

We are coming closer to the release of my "FAST TALKER" mixtape. I am putting the final touches and gathering all the files in a zip on a webhost and it will be out as soon as that is ready. Just tonight I finished track ten, which is called "Its About You". That is one fun track for me, and I feel many people will be unable to intemperate the meaning behind it. Ohh and for people who download the zip, or sign up over at Reverbnation to be a fan of mine. They will be getting a small surprise from me, not any money. They will be getting an exclusive track. The name of the track will be "Going Crazy", and it will be fun.

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