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I have been working on this for about a year now. The main portion of the recording and writing was done in the last 3 months. The sound of the album is darker and slower than people would think I would do, but I am pleased with the way it has turned out. There are a total of 11 songs on the cd. All production on the first song is mine. I obtained beats from all over for the rest of the album. Shadowville was a main contributor to the style because I like what their producers did with the beats I used from them. Other notes are two of the songs feature beats from producer Ant from Atmosphere, and one beat from open minds entertainment. This will not be my last recording. I plan on getting better equipment and coming out with another record produced by me only. There are many subjects, and styles that are brought across and even a diss song that really is directed toward the record industry as a whole. I plan to update the site to feature my music and make a more permanent download link. Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. Add me on myspace, and also on reverbnation to keep up with me and what I am doing.
Track List

1. Intro To The Real World
2. The Song
3. Got Something To Say
4. Dark Hair and Class
5. Happy Birthday Mamma
6. Skill and Execution
7. Dreamworlds
8. Rock It All Night
9. No One Stands Before Me
10. Its About You
11. Going Crazy(Exclusive Track)

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