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Welcome to another exciting episode of my life! Its been a good bit of time since my last post, aka the release of "Fast Talker". Either way a whole bunch of stuff, aka things that happen, has been going on. As I post this all that is on my mind is how I am going to find a party to be at for Halloween and rock that place. I know all about what is going down in VA, and I know what I am missing so, I will just have to make up for it here in FL.

On to the happenings of my life. First off I have been having a great time at Universal and enjoy the work I do and the interactions I make with the guests that come into the park. I have been doing very well, and have been getting more hours than most because of that. Also I made it into part time which is not all that easy for Halloween team members. That just means I get more hours and more benefits. On the bills side I need more money so, I am working on getting hired at some other places part time to get that extra boost of income. Hopefully that will be a desk job, or sales type work. Cell phone carriers and any IT jobs are what I am looking for ATM.

Second off I am giving up on the girls at work... So frustrating to it is when all seemingly good prospects for having a good time are ruined. Most are taken but don't make that clear, then there are the ones who are single and seem interested, then nothing happens after that, after that are the ones who just date anyone who works at universal because it is convenient. Of coarse the latter of the three don't even get to talk to me, because I want nothing to do with the childish drama high school style relationships they offer. No joke, the people here act like its high school all over again. Jumping from one guy to another, then there are the cafeteria rumors and stories that are told. It is truly something else, but I take no part in all that drama.

There are some chill people though, one guy I met is a DJ/Vegas Magician that guy is cool. I told him I would help out on his website if he wanted. He told me that he was able to do vocal recording which is great, because I am starting work on my next musical feat. I really hope all that works out, I am getting tired of working on my music all by myself. Plus I have been wanting better recordings. I am supposed to meet up with this other guy tonight at a party he told me about, so I am thrilled to get wasted and chill out tonight. He told me I could crash at his place which is 1000 times better because it saves me some gas and I don't have to find a ride home. I was going to say something about all the lame people I deal with, but I actually would rather not even mention them because they aren't worth the breath. They are just what you expect from lame people. Although the people who say they hate Universal are the ones who are there when they are off work. All day with the complaining about their job then they never leave when they get the chance to go home. Maybe they live on site, lol. So funny.

For until I make another post I bid you farewell!

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