I have been locked up for two days, FIGHTING VIRUSES!



     I have not been outside for two days, why you ask? Well because I didn't want too! Really I was locked up because it has been raining for some the whole time. Actually I have done a whole lot in that time, and I had a great idea since I had some time. I have been wanting to post on here for some time now, but have not done so. With this locked up time I felt I had to do so.
     The reasons why I haven't been here every week are many, but mostly due to google dropping ftp support. What that means is I use google to format my site then I send the files from google to my web host where my site is located. See I had no way to format everything the way I wanted and had not felt like re-doing the whole site so I went the lazy rout and did nothing. Now that I kicked myself in the ass I have found that what comes of this is a better blog for you and me. I still use google, but now they also host for me.
     Before I did all this, my laptop got a virus, lol. I know how did Tony get a virus, well I actually get them once in a while. I actually had trouble with this virus making the file association of .exe file go through the virus instead of windows. So I could not open any .exe file at all. Then my vista recovery would not work, so I was going to just re-install, and I said no. I thought now is a good time to use Ubuntu linux. Seeing as I don't play games on my laptop the switch is simple. I installed linux, but on a secondary partition so I could get all my files off. I couldn't leave it alone I had to go back and try to defeat the virus on my windows install, which I did by using some registry editing to make .exe file work properly. Then without haste I deleted my windows partition, and now I stand completely undefeated by viruses. It has been fun so far, everything in linux works the way I want. Only proble is sometimes its more work than it needs to be to get drivers or programs to install, but so far I have not crashed. KNOCK ON WOOD.
     Now that my computer and website are both working properly, and better than before I will move on to developing content. I do have a new cd in the works, ideas are running rampant, but nothing to solid at the moment. I have not recorded, but I have beats, and am going to producing beats so that I can officially have a recording that is 100% my intellectual property. I set up a clothing store on the site which I will be throwing all the cool ideas for t-shirts I have EVER had on there. I hope you guys like the stuff I will be putting up, right now its limited because I don't have any fully worked pictures to go up but will soon enough. As I get my money stacked back up I plan on getting a video capture card so that I can stream live gameplay over the internet. This will not be for a while because I still have to fix things on my car, which I will be posting pictures of my work. I also plan on signing up for some classes so I can plop more things to do on my lap, but don't worry I will post here still. This is just what I am planning on doing, not just what I have been up to.
     Working, learning, reading watching, and chasing girls is all I get to do at the moment. With the exclusion of a few skate sessions, and playing football.(WHEN IT ISN'T RAINING) I don't get to do much else its kinda boring here, but I am keeping my mind, eating, and exercise right. Feel free to send me a message on facebook, or myspace if you are wanting to talk.

     Go to the writings section now and check out the new poem I wrote!


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