Just a little KATCHUP, on my life!



Ahahaha, Katchup its a play on words. That meaning I have a new CAT, and I have been eating lots of hotdogs. Its okay though I haven't eaten to much. It also means that I will be getting you guys caught up on what has been going on in my life since my last post before updating the website.
Finding My New Cat!
Well a while back I was getting bored of sitting around not doing anything in the day because my car was broken and all that jazz. So, I started jogging a few times a week and sometimes I would take Nizzard. One particular time me and him ran a long way, a mile or so up onto the county trail! That is quite some way for my little Nizzard to be running. We got to a good resting spot and we sat down for a few minutes before heading back home. On the way home I was carrying him because I know his little heart can't take as much running as mine can. Then all of a sudden a small cat walked up onto the trail from the woods. There was no collar and he was as gentle as could be and came right up to me when I called him. I thought to myself this cat is not dirty enough to have trudged through the woods from a neighborhood. He also is way to nice and friendly to be a stray, so I picked him up and carried him in my hoodie. It was really cold out so he fell asleep in the warmth of my arm. He purred all the way home, and I told Nizzard not to get jealous because I wasn't holding him. He understood the kitten was just a baby, and we trudged home. Boy was my arm tired, I walked home so it took like 30-45 minutes. When I got home I put the little kitty down and he got chased around by Mr.pick until he understood that he didn't want to eat him(That took two days for him to be 100% comfortable). I named him quickly, basically when I got home. I knew my mother would love him, and since he didn't have a home she let him stay. His name is Ponyo, which is the name of a female goldfish from "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea". Just like my other boy cat who's name is also a female character from a movie, aka Kiki from "Kiki's delivery service". My mom insisted that he was actually a girl, but she's so silly. You can tell 100% now that he is a little bit bigger. Anyway little kitty is fine.

Kiki Is A Gangsta Like 50 cent!
Well he got shot, and was looking bad for a day or two but we had no money so we just cleaned his wounds up. One night his wound popped open and he was bleeding a little bit in the kitchen floor. My mom freaking out came, got me, an we proceeded to hold him down and shave his wound areas and more thoroughly inspect it. I noticed that there was and entry and exit wound and the pellet was not lodged inside of him. Small hole on top big one on bottom, so you could tell someone was above him and shot him in the back and out his belly. We tried wrapping the cleaned up wound but my mom could not hold him and I felt like doing more would make it worse. Plus he was still alive after about three days, so I wrapped it the best I could alone and we just kept giving him some left over anti-biotic we had from when he was sick before and not he is better. He should be releasing his debut album in September, and its called "Shot and Left for Dead", the first single is "Hollow Point To The Back, and I'm Still Standin"!
MLG, Tourney, and Now I'm 22!
A few weeks before my birthday I was not looking forward to anything,then I get a call from smeelie saying he wanted to attend MLG Orlando,"which was on my birthday" with me! He also told me that Brad wanted to go, I told him I was down for going and competing. I thought nothing of it, then he called me again saying he had gotten the team pass and I was ecstatic. Anyway we only had 3 cause we weren't sure if Chad would go. A few days pass and Chad was confirmed. They drove Smeelie's car down and finally I got to see my friends once again, and it was all classic. Chad was GAY as ever, Smeelie complained, Brad was a dick. Plus they brought Scoob who kind of looked like one of the pro players at the event. So thats what we were telling people while we were there. Saying yea Hienz is our coach. Anyway when we first got there we had to wait around for an hour or so, because we went as early as possible. Before the scheduled warm ups we hogged out on some ball park franks because they sponsored a cookout for all attendees to eat at. Once the doors opened we all got out doctor peppers and got free t-shirts. We competed in warm ups, and tried out the new AVP game that was on display there. The first people we played had hoodies with their names on it, and seemed like they were there to win. They must have been some Spanish team, but we crushed them in a three game series, before people said it was winner stays. Whatever it was fun and I talked mad shit, because everyone was on their A game. Then came the GK's lol seeing as our team didn't practice and Chad doesn't even really play Halo anymore that was the end of our winning. We played so many games and lost them all, but we had fun and that was my main focus. To be honest I just wanted to beat one team in a three game series and we did. After that we watched the All Stars game where the best players from the East coast play against the best players on the West coast. Anyway Defy threw all the games he played in for the east coast, before then I liked Defy. Now I think he is a scrub. The only games the east coast lost in the twelve game series were the ones with Defy, and Defy did not go positive one time. I mean come on, not even once and people refer to him as having one of the best BRs in all of Halo. I think he forced the loss for Walshy, seeing as Walse was playing on the West coast team, they both are on the same competitive team, and they both live in Michigan. Its whatever because I gave him shit after that, because my homies were talking to him having a sig after the matches were over. I walked up and said, "Hey scrub why did you throw the all stars games?" He just walked away and I said, "His team isn't going to win this tournament!" That was one hell of a fresh day sept when Smeelie decided to take 100 toll roads and it took forever to get home! 

Anyway thanks for giving me a listen I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. I'll be working, but plan on doing something fun this coming week. I'm out!

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