Tech N9ne Bad Season Mixtape Out In time For X-MAS. [FREE DOWNLOAD]



Bad Season Out In Time For X-MAS!

Just in time for x-mas and best of all it is 100% free. I suggest giving this a download if you are or are not a Tech N9ne fan. Whoo Kid comes through on this mixtape, which is Tech's first mixtape to date. The beats come out mixed and not seeming like beats Tech would usually be on, but absolutely destroys none the less. 13 Brand new tech N9ne tracks are featured here for free, add to that three free tracks Tech included from previous albums. Tech and Whoo Kid come through with maximum content with very little skits clogging the system. The filler that is present provides purpose and flavour rather than time taken. Overall I am feeling the mixtape as a whole. It does look like it will serve its purpose well. The purpose being to introduce east coast, and more mainstream listeners to Tech N9ne through new content with add old flavour. What is all boils down to is downloading and giving it a listen for yourself. Anyway you can pick up the album HERE, and I'll get back to listening to it myself for the third time! Merry Xmas.