Saturday, Mar 13, 2010


Why I think, is why I know, but until then I think to much to show. Why I love, is why I come around, but until you see what you've set in bounds. Why I'm nice, is how I live, but even small things make you see no friends. Can't you figure out, can't you slow down, I feel that if you did I'd still be nowhere to be found. Can't you see, just see me, for who I want to be, but I'm incomplete in utter defeat. I see you, feeling the way I do, if you don't pass by we could play in tune. The world as an orchestra, take time and play your part. Don't rush the accompanying section, bring all in feel and your heart. Follow the beating, let go of inhibition, take in the meaning, don't see the criticism. Let it go by, rimes in mind on lines, and eventually you find the ride was worth the extra time. As we come to the closing of this particular, we find life is the noose, creating worries that cloud and block away the truth.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Sometimes I dream, and sometimes I know. Sometimes knowledge just happens to be overthrown. The top dog of today turns to dust in the morrow. It seems my job is just a harrow, just to descend, and free the people of mental captivity. As time flies by they will realize that I was right and was not fibbing a lyric herein contrived. I don't take time to speak a word, for this flows freely and with the understanding you may be about to start kneeling. If that route is the one you take, I will have no part in your life, for your freeness is all I strive for, and to soil your clothes in the dirt for me is just something I hope to never see. Sometimes I feel the worlds parasites are about to take host, and with that I write this to alert as most. Don't allow your position to lay stagnant, and allow yourself to deviate. This must be held true or they may sink deep in the flesh to feed, and leave once there is no life left to consume. Sift through life seeing what is underneath, take time to see clearly. Don't let your vision fog; because that is the likeliest time they will take you for all. I hope the world can hear what I say, for we are failing every day that we allow this to continue.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Not much to say, with little to do. All I ever wanted was a life with you. Take me for me, and I'll take in all that is you. As so truthfully I know what is doomed. Even though we may have been sad, or may have been mad, anyone can see that we both are just a tad, bit angry with what has been said. You may not know what I haven't said, but the fact is, its all true. What I feel and have felt all now combine, to make this feeling soar and climb. I love you, I hope you know, don't ever take it for granted, I just want you to grow. Even though I am leaving you, its all for the best, so you can sail away and not ever look at the rest. My position may have faltered, and thats ok, but my vision of you will never be altered.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Over time you may not see all that is in front of you, and naivety seems to flood your life as you trudge through the murky air. This air that you breath is filled with nonsense and shortcomings. You may learn to not take in so much air that is polluted, or you may end your days in a comatose state in which you cannot free yourself. You then are subject to the values of others, and may never see the light of real day ever again. Being in such improbability may seem extreme but none the less it is in realm of all possibility that may happen. I offer this last sentence directly to you, take all that is, within you, for one day anything could be useful, and with that, may be needed.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The sound, The Dream

The sound startles you, and you straiten your posture. What is it, Does it frighten? You look so unsure. Fairy tales tell of these horrible sounds. You take a whiff of the air and look around. Nothing is seen, and nothing can you feel. Thats odd, you feel no wind. You look up to see if the trees are to bend, but no, what has happened. This serene place has turned so loud, no wind, no dust, no clouds. Finally you lay down, and hope your field of green returns. Closing your eyes you tune it all out, and find that place you always dream about.

Before, April 30, 2008

The Tyrant

Toast to my sorrow as I glide with the whimpering winds of the scorched and blasted land that you yourself now sit upon. I am what is to be looked upon in such a manner that is so offensive, and blatantly creative. I give no thought to some one who is less and also none for the man who thinks himself more than me. Faith is to be held high but not to let fall, unless to fall with is your current philosophical approach to life's end. Be weary for when I strike you down relentlessly, you will be indistinguishable from all knowledge of relative bloodlines that have come to know you. Take grasp of what I say for it is truth I hold within my name that you will come to fear.

The Stalker

How nice she is, the one I see day to day. Even if she does not know my name, this feeling I get remains the same. Approach her I would, if I could, maybe even should. None the less, as I turn my hood, as to not let her see. Have not a feeling she does for me, I won't allow it. Taste the kiss if only it were here. Feel sweet embrace if only for a second. My lovely all of this is true and as hard as it is to do this, I must stay away. For if we meet she will fade into gray. Taken from the world her soul will be lost forever. Thus I can never.

A Man Of The Future

A man once said that to think is the hardest thing on the planet. That was long before computers and cell phones. In this mans own perspective he is right, but this is not true within the heart of a logical man. So I said TO LOVE is the hardest thing to do, and at the same time stopping love could be said harder even then. To each his own line to speak and trail to follow. Beet the path until someone follows. Great minds don't alway think alike, otherwise our planet would not have progressed thus far. Call me the renaissance man, because I'm changing us for the future.

The End

The destruction of all will come, and when it does the people of the world will not provide sufficient struggle and will fade into the abyss without a murmur. The ground will not open up, hell will not pour into the streets. the destruction of mankind will be similar to osmosis where as hell will seep into and form with what we know as earth and a combination with the world as we see around us is created. There will be no attack, no struggle, earth will be hell. Not one three headed dragon, or flaming tornadoes. You can see this osmosis of earth and hell all around you. Take some time out of your daily grind and my words may become meaningful and you might see Satan in hiding. He doesn't want you to know that your world is being taken over one soul at a time, but if you stand on the hill with me you can see the Snake in the ditch and will be able to keep The Demon under your feet. The devil will bring with him the end.

The Destruction

The end is something in the unknown until it is traveled too. If you seek a conclusion to the story which is unfinished and represented by your life all there is to find will be the end. Be the predator and attack your life fiercely, because if you don't you will inevitably be walked on and used as a road for the end result of someone else's life. Track down those who will make you stronger faster, and smarter. They are the ones who will help shape your life into something greater than others. Heed these words I say, because if you don't and you seek those who are under you and don't encourage a better life for them and you evil will over come good and your life will spiral until destruction.

Life Is Simple (Part One)

As I search this world for knowledge I have come to realize one simple fact about life. While a man may gain information to his mind frame and brag upon his great strength or wealth he tends to leave this one fact out of his mind. Probably because it scares him. It should not scare you but enlighten you. If you compare the smart man to a man who is a fool you can see that in the end they stand before god as the same because it does not matter to him on how much knowledge you have acquired within your lifetime. Nor does it matter how strong or successful or anything compared to that type of classification. All that matters is how you serve god.